Mozart's Double Harpsichord, PragueMozart

Below the Black Hill
Slope, Bertramka Farmstead was his
Summer residence
Where vineyards genuflect
And terraced palaces of lawn
String outward
To piano-fountained Chestnut trees.
Above arpeggios of winged stairs,
Where ceiling beams are ablaze
With ivy, grape & pear
There is held
A golden lock of Mozart’s hair
Along with violin, viola, harp,
Hushed oboe & bassoon,
The double-manual harpsichord,
His living flame,
With its inverted keys:
Black where white
And white where black should be.
Under glass there lies an automaton Music box,
And opera glasses with a secret,
Candy spot
A white, pillared stove towers
In a corner
Opposite the door
To warm his fingers
As he wrote his last
Unfinished score.