forest gateway

Folie à Plusieurs

Where did you go, little one?
Where did you go?

You are
Just as you are
As echoes
In winter
As wind
Crimps the river
A faded map
A scar
Of childhood
A faint memory
A song
Of laughter
Through heartache

Though questions
And hordes
Of dissemblers
Re-write histories
They do not see
They have no ears
Neither do they understand

You must not defend
Who you are.
You do not serve them.

He is with you
Walking in the garden
His face is in the fire
His joy
Enwraps a mantle ‘round your
Weary shoulders
He meets you
Wherever you are
He blesses you in the Valley.

Though a Sea of Sorrows
Rise against you
It cannot touch you.

You are His
In the Land of Gentlemen
Where the Dansim blooms
You are There
At the center
You are
You are