A Glimpse Into The Immensity

A fibrous promise is conveyed
Amid the impulse of Hyacinths &
Whiskered Pansies
Shining vestibules
To the levity of youth
Segmented days
When the heart was framed in vow.

In the hall of mirrors,
The lozenge parquetry
Provides a broad current
Beveled, concealed seams
Rife with networks
A spray of segues
A spiral itself within the grid
Enabling passage back & forth
This is how the woman & man go on,
Busy about their 1840’s lives
While walking partly through 2012 floorboards.
This is how one is able to observe
The 1920’s French cathedral has only a handful
To witness The Asking
During wartime.

There are belts seen & unseen
Encircling the Beloved
Throughout the Immensity
As a zebra’s stripes
White laid
Over a black base.

Delve deep
Into the source
Imprinted, grooved
Within the urn of sky
Threads drawn from sheer light
As a finial,
One arch of sky beckons another.
Firmly fitted together
Each is free standing
Their pace appears the same.

In my experience:
Everything is light
Words are light filled with frequency
And able to alter frequency.
Some words are filled with
A greater light.
Prayer is thought.
Thought is light.
Prayer is light
Prayer & thought are movement of light
Positive & negative
Moving like an ocean wave,
Upon, through, & over the being
The tide is wide
Coming from within & moving outward
And magnetic,
Entering from other, far away places
Through portals, envelopes
Which open in the Ether.
This is why we are never to judge or hate.
This is why we are to hold each other in prayer.

The Ether stretches throughout the Immensity
In all directions.
The Ether is
An efficient, honey-comb patterned net
With hexagonal sides which allow
All fields to share space concurrently,
Yet beyond time.
This is how
There are uncountable dimensions
Through the concealed seams
This is also how gravity is made possible.
There are fields & sub-fields
Within the Ether itself
And points of connection between each cell.

Light travels through the Ether’s net
In pulsating frequencies
Providing diverse densities.
This is valence.
Tendrils, fronds of valence
Valence is provided
Via the contemplation of the Father.

As water falls through
The honey-comb patterned Ether
And freezes,
Snowflakes are formed,
Unique patterns are born
This is why all snowflakes are six-sided
And no two are alike,
As no place in the Ether shares the same frequency
Except where God’s essence abides
His frequency is constant.

God’s essence is Love.
His Love has its own frequency
It is holding everything together.
Within the Frequency of Love,
All matter is fully alive.
All matter hums with the Light of Love.
The Hum is all encompassing.
It sounds like “Ommm”
Similar to the sound people make when they meditate
Only inexplicably deeper, far richer,
Filled with intention & pure Love.
Everything hums with that same sound,
People, animals, plants,
A rock, a table, even, surprisingly, plastic.
Within the Hum we are all connected.
Within the Hum there is complete ecstasy.

Within the Hum,
All matter is one in the Immensity
Only our densities are different
As they must be for a time,
So that we do not liquefy
And so we may fulfill our unique path.
We would get nothing done without valence
Providing us with our distinct densities.
Yet, the Hum from the Light of Love
Which holds everything together
Must reside beneath our normal hearing
Because the Hum is far too loud,
In the natural it would drive us mad –
& so filled with joy
That we would desire to simply lay down
And be forever en-wrapped in it.

In the retrospective
There are no blind spots
Only the mirror image
Is degraded,
It cannot be fully sustained
From a nick in the winding sequence.

Everything genuflects
To the right hand of the Father.
Everything grows toward Him,
In right angles
Toward His light.
His Light permeates everything.

Just as chlorophyll
Allows plants to absorb energy from sunlight,
We get our life energy from His Majesty’s presence
Carried upon our blood,
Atop a four poled litter
As that of Carbon,
Yet more perfect, pure,
Still undiscovered
His diamond presence within our blood
Absorbs the light of the Spirit
And gives us life & breath.

Each Spirit is encased within
The cavity of the Soul
Similar to a manifold.
His Spirit fills the centermost column.
Or not.
When one fully receives His Spirit,
The Word, which is His seed,
As a sperm,
Is received by the Soul,
Like an egg being fertilized.
The Soul then seals closed
And nothing else may enter.

It is important one seek to know God
And discern in Spirit.
There are also elements
Such as Iron & Magnesium
Which enable the interior Spirit to discern
With greater clarity.
In the Spirit realm
There are devices –
The spirits work as filters
Each with its own garment of color
Similar to a gel on a photographer’s lamp.
Enhancing, amplifying, or restricting the passage of frequency.
For this reason, those who are seeking to
Operate at their optimum level
Or discover anything
Might do well to heed this advice.

Troublesome frequencies
May be cut away
By a proper slashing from the Word
Intentionally applied
In conjunction with
An earnest surrendering of the will.

Grace is an amalgamation, a hybrid
It is necessitated
To offset the gradient.

Some spirit is transferred via touch
If it is in the will of the Father.
(We cannot will such a transfer,
Unless it is granted through earnest supplication
To serve His purposes.)
He decides if & when we receive;
He knows how to fully equip us.
When spirit is transferred,
Sometimes it feels like sparkles or bubbles
Within or upon the being,
Sometimes it feels like a spiritual branding
As that of cattle,
Or being struck by a bolt of lightning,
Sometimes it feels like darkness or heaviness.
This is one reason I suggest one seek to know God
And discern in Spirit,
Because in the natural, too much credence is given
To what a being says and external attributes.
Rather, if one is able to discern spirits,
One knows instinctively when to welcome touch,
Or when to avoid touch & pray for others,
And when to wash.

Within each Spirit
There is a likeness of the natural,
Yet in a higher state.
The Spirit needn’t look up or down to see
It knows, thinks, & can communicate through light,
Without using words.

There is more than merely a residual left behind
Reaching beyond
Scales of a butterfly’s wing.
Everywhere we go
We leave a trace.

Nothing ever truly dies.